I'm a London based professional with twenty years in the development industry, now I specialise in front-end engineering with a passion for standards, quality and innovation.


  • OO Javascript (inc es2015)
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • AMD/CommonJS/es2015 modules
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Handlebars
  • Unit Testing
  • Karma
  • Jasmine
  • SASS
  • Responsive Design
  • BEM
  • Jira
  • TeamCity
  • Webstorm IDE
  • Visual Studio
  • Grunt/Gulp
  • npm
  • Git
  • Adobe CS

Immediate Media - UI Developer

02/2012 - Now

A senior member of the new digital team I worked on a number of key projects such as Radio Times, RT Offers, You & Your Wedding Venue Finder as well as assisting in defining front-end standards and practices.

I am the lead front end dev in the core team transitioning our sites to a new CMS. I spend a lot of my time right now making decision about the future of JS, Html and CSS at Immediate.

Current stack looks like; ES2015 JS -> Babel -> Webpack. No jQuery, modularised UI components with a simple mediator pattern and PubSub model. For the more complex UI requirements it looks like ReactJS with routing undecided. Backbone/ReactRouter/Flux maybe?

I played a key role in Immediate's first trial of mobile optimisation using an adaptive approach due to platform limitations. This resulted in Golf Magic and Baby Expert from which lot a was learnt for the business.

I introduced SASS, BEM CSS structure, Javascript modularisation, linting and unit testing (Jasmine + Sinon + Karma). I played a key role in adopting responsive design and page performance optimisation.

Although now decommissioned due to a merger but I am particularly proud of my work on the responsive mobile first Venue Finder web app. I joined the small team in the prototype phase picked up Bootstrap 3 in double-quick time and brought it to launch. Post launch I led the Agile UI team encouraging continuous integration and regular refactoring as additional functionality was added.

I want to be contributing more to Open Source projects. As part of adding functionality to the Venue Finder web app I forked Twitter Typeahead on github to support an additional hint updated event.

Public Zone - Front-end Developer

06/2011 - 12/2011

Sole front-end dev in a small agency specialising in public and non-for-profit organisations. Working on a number of concurrent .NET and PHP based sites bringing much needed coherence to the front-end role in a sector sensitive to real value in delivery.

Freelance and personal development

04/2010 - 06/2011

I combined freelance work in a front-end role at a variety of agencies across London with studying art and design.

I worked on some big brands such as Virgin Atlantic, Hewlett Packard and T-mobile.

Chameleon Net - Senior Developer

04/2006 - 04/2010

As the only senior developer I was responsible for successful delivery, mentoring and keeping the development technology up to date. I introduced MVC.NET from version 1.0 and modernised the front-end with W3C Standards, jQuery (which was just out of beta) and progressive enhancement. Often required in a client-facing role I rode the line between tech and negotiation.

My major achievement was delivery of the first eCommerce site for publisher Random House including fulfilment integration.

IMR Global - Senior Developer

10/1990 - 08/2005

I led many large development projects both pre-web and post-web in the UK and in the US in the Life, Pensions and Financial sectors.

I had a mixed server and front-end role. This was where I cut my teeth on good practices and an eye for quality.